Friday, June 1, 2007

After 3.5 days of working on Richard's house to get it ready for the final inspection by the County..and..installing a new Dexter Axle on my Kwik Kamp, we left around 1:30 for a little road trip. This is about 20 miles into the trip, it was hot, and we didn't eat lunch. I had to stop and pop a glucco tab to keep my BS from getting too low (not much chance of that)
We're off! Perfect weather, and a few days of adventure ahead!
Little stream along Hwy 20 between Clean Lake and Williams, CA.
Some road construction. We sat for about 10 minutes in the 90 degree temp. Sure was nice to get rolling. This is Hwy 20 near Clear Lake, CA.
Pecan trees along Hwy 20. There are many different kinds of fruit and nut trees here.
There are a lot of signs advertising this little fruit stand. You expect a huge store of some kind...This is it :-)
Lots of Rice paddys near Williams, CA on Hwy 20 West.
ol' Ramblers trunk lid.
I cleaned the bike and took some pics while Rich was snoozing.
Richard bailed off his bike and was asleep before I could even walk to the restroom. He says he does this about every afternoon for about 10 minutes. We left about 40 minutes later
For hundreds of miles on I-5 and old 99 to the south, the median is full of Oleander. Almost non -stop from Sacramento to LA.
14 miles to Corning, CA. Famous for Olives, and blown glass. Now it's more famous for truck stops. A Flying J, TA, and Petro. The only place in this area for a concentration of truck stuff.
California Rest Stops are all very nice. Well maintained and clean. this one was built right in the middle of a grove of very old Olive trees.
Rest stop in an old Olive Grove.
This is a Cement mine. It's been in business for years. They take rock out of the mountain and crush them up to make concreat. This is just North of Lake Shasta
We just pulled into a very nice campground. Huge Redwood trees near by, and we're the only campers in this area. Richard relaxes with an adult beverage prior to setting up the trailers. It's been in the 90's today, but riding temps were great!
Camp is set up, we'll be eating some KFC goodies for supper. Richard has a nice "boom box" and a lot of CD's, so we'll have camp music.
Morning at the Railroad Campground, near Dunsmuir, CA.
Mount Shasta from I-5, taken off the bike while moving at freeway speed.
Mount Shasta in the rear view mirrow. And another Wing....We're on Highway 97 now. Headed North. Will visit Crater Lake and Diamond Lake today. Temp is coming up nicely, will hit the 90's then down to the low 70's at 8000 feet.
An old homestead from better times.
Irrigating a hay field. This may have already have been cut once this season, looks like it's on the second crop.
Indian trading post on Highway 62. Nice country around here, and the weather is perfect!
An Oregon "Road House" North of Klamath Falls.

I'm not sure which mountain this is, there are so many in the Cascade range near here. The cattle sure are healthy and fat on all this nice spring grass.
"T"-Shirt seen in the General Store at Fort Klamath, OR. Richard thought about buying this to wear when he goes to Berkley next time.
Fort Klamath. Once a thriving little town, it's just about reached "ghost town" level now.
This is more "Cowboy Country". Lots of nice little ranches along here. The Cascade range is in the background.
Cattle ranches with snow capped mountains in the background. It won't be long until we're up on top of one in the snow!
This is at the little store parking lot at Annie Creek. We've been climbing all morning, and now are about 7 miles up to the rim of Crater Lake.
Snow is getting deeper as we climp up to the Rim.
A traditional shot of Crater Lake, showing Wizard Island. There is a lot of history here, stories abound! We're at about 7300 feet right here, and it's 72 degrees. A mile down the road it was 90!
We're near the Lodge at the Rim Village. Richard is standing next to one of the 20" tall poles that line the roadway. The snow gets very deep here in the winter, and they need stakes like this to see the road way.
Blue water, Blue sky, green trees and bright snow!
Using a 28mm setting on the camera, you can see most of the lake. The water is FAC, and the reflections are perfect.
Looking toward the SE side of the Lake. This was the highest place we stopped, 8000 feet in elevation. The lake is 1949 feet deep, the deepest in the US, and one of the deepest in the World.
Snow and blue sky. The water in the lake is a deeper blue than the sky, but they are both breath taking today.
Last shot near Crater Lake, we're at 8000 feet here, will drop down to Diamond Lake, then on down the Umpqua River to a camp ground.
Richard taking it easy while I went looking for the Falls to take a picture. I could hear it roaring.
Mossy rocks in the deep dark woods. the sun was shining through when I took the picture of this waterfall.
A nice rest stop near a pretty falls, not too far below Diamond Lake.
Nice little rock near Susan Creek and the Umpqua River. We camped close to here last night.
Susan Creek Campground. We got in here around 5 PM, had a nice evening. Our last on the road. Richard is going to leave his Kwik Kamp here, will ride to the Coast today with me, then get back over here to spend another night in the nice weather before heading back to California.
Fresh bailed hay. I sure smells nice early in the morning. Today is June 1st. It's about 7:30 AM
Feeding some cattle along Highway 138.
This is a good place to jump into the river to cool off ..a little later in the summer. The water gets pretty nice and warm, and there are some deep pools to jump into.
Looking up river.
The river is just below us, but you can't see it from here. A little rest stop. There are lots of very good blackberries in this area, They will be ripe in late July.
There is still a lot of logging going on around here. The trees are mostly 2nd or 3rd growth, but there are still some larger ones, depending on where the company is working.
If it isn't a log truck, it will be a chip truck. There are a lot of both on this road.